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Our Members' Vision for Latino Nurses Network

"A network of support, and a resource for professional advancement opportunities."

"A safe place to celebrate the accomplishments of our Hispanic nurses, while providing support and mentoring to those in need."

"A place where nurses can share their success stories [and their] path to the field they chose..."

"I'd like it to be a Latino nurses' information highway about our practices, our communities, our achievements, and our work yet to be done!"

"A free well-established network where nurses, nationally and internationally, can come together in a safe space to talk about issues related to Latino health..."

"A place for those in nursing to gather to exchange ideas and work together to build a stronger Latino nursing workforce..."

"I want the Latino Nurses Network to inspire future Latina nurses, and mentor them into leadership positions."

"A place where we could share experiences, get advice, and discuss issues that affect our community."

"A place to come together to help create a healthcare system that will meet our communities' needs."

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